What Not To Believe About Free Satellite TV Offers

There are some things you need to know before settling for a satellite TV deal. To subscribe to satellite TV services, you need to commit to the service payment for at least a year. Some people advertise a lot of free satellite TV deals but viewers sometimes fail to recognize the hidden costs that come with these free deals. You might get the TV system for free, along with other gifts such as DVD players or recorders or even a home theater. However, the programming service will not be free you will have to pay for it. Moreover, you will have you pay for it monthly.

These companies offer absolutely free, propaganda laden and brilliant satellite TV systems, and viewers buy them. They have a virtual monopoly on the market. They also charge monthly programming costs to the tune of many dollars. Most viewers are not prepared for that as they were lured by the free deal in the first place. But it seems that in this market there is no such thing as free lunch – why else would these companies give you something for free if they weren’t getting anything out of it? After all, they are in the business to make money.

Promotional offers are all very well, but what about the monthly costs? They get lucrative deals out of these marketing strategies where they lead customers onto what is first presented as a free deal which the customers are subsequently charged for. Most of them go ahead and get it anyway, as the marketing and advertising people knew they would, because having 3000 channels directly in your living room is better than not having them at all. For many people TV is the primary mode of entertainment and they want satellite TV in order to be entertained right in their houses.

These days most people have personal computers. Most are connected to the internet. Most have high speed net connections to boast of. If you are among these people and are considering getting satellite TV for the family, think again. You can get many more channels than satellite TV has to offer on your PC itself. If you like good old fashioned TV, you can even watch it on your regular TV without satellite TV systems installed. You can even watch it on your cell phone.

This multi-device phenomenon is called Internet TV and can give you a lot of alternatives to regular TV. On Internet TV you can watch what you like – music, movies, shows; at your own time and leisure. You have services such as Video On Demand or VOD and other services which will give you a lot of choices. There is also some Internet only content that you will not get anywhere else and a lot of content is available for free online. There are channels dedicated only to certain subjects; sports buffs can watch sports related Internet TV channels, music lovers can tune into music channels and so on. If you are going to buy satellite TV anytime soon, thinking it over in context with Internet TV might prove to be a good idea.

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