[Intro music] Geoff: Does anyone else have any cable theft tales? Jack: Uh.

no Ray: Does anybody need Swedish fish? Jack: Yeah, I'll have Swedish fish Geoff: Michael, you've seen.

you're households from New Jersey, you've most likely stole stuff, proper? Michael: Yeah, my father wasn't about it cos he's not from New Jersey.

My brother is a chunk of shit and he obtained a black field and stole cable Geoff: Oh, yeah Michael: He was born and raised in New Jersey.

In order that was again when pay per view was identical to channel 96 and they’d simply air motion pictures all day.

So I might watch like 2 of the most recent motion pictures 7 instances in per week and fucking Spice TV Jack: Hey now Michael: Nothing higher than a 12 12 months outdated boy and Spice TV Geoff: Dude, that's.

that's Michael: I feel.

Jack: That's pre-internet, man Michael: I feel inside a 12 months, I doubled my dick dimension simply from stretching it out a lot [Laughing] Lindsay: Thanks for doing that Michael: Oh, additionally.

Jack: That's truth quantity 6 Michael: Dude, right here's truth quantity 7.

In case you're a 13 12 months outdated child and you’ve got Spice TV, I completely suggest you fucking document it.

and promote it to your mates, cos that's what I did.

[Laughing] Geoff: You had been promoting Spice TV VHS rip-offs Michael: Yeah Geoff: I offered blow pops.

[Laughing] Geoff: Hey, Ray.

What did you promote? Jack: Pokemon playing cards Geoff: Ray offered Pokemon playing cards, that's the saddest factor I've ever heard Jack: That's unhappy, that's truth quantity eight, that was unhappy.

Alright! Geoff: Reality quantity 9, it's miserable to be Ray.

Jack: Reality quantity 10, we're achieved.

[Outro music].