Teaming with native propulsion corporations – uh,probably not.

I don't suppose so.

We're going to construct our propulsion unit.

Imean, individuals within the area business have a extremely tough time manufacturing issues.

They're fairly good at designing them within the first place, however they don't actuallyknow how you can make them in quantity.

So it's potential we may licensesome expertise or one thing, however the primary propulsion system we take into consideration for thesatellite is a full-effect thruster, which – I imply I don't wish to trivializeit an excessive amount of – but it surely's principally like a loudspeaker.

It's like a magneticfield via some accellerrating ions.

It's fairly straightforward to make.

So, I imply, there's degreesof chilly thruster – how good it’s – however on the finish of the day it's not that onerous.

So it wouldn't make sense to outsource.

It's not that onerous.