Let's talk about your girl and boy friends.

Gyein, why did you like Jungsu? – She was quite approachable.

/ – You were colleagues.

I could see her easily and that was a big plus.

– What else? / – Someone was going to like her.

So I thought I would act fast and like her first.

– You didn't want her to be taken.

/ – No.

What does it mean that your role got in the way of expressing your feelings to her? I was always cuffed – and I always got arrested.

/ – Right.

– That was your role.

/ – We were in different studios.

– Were you in different sets? / – Right.

Were you two in different kinds of sets? – Right.

/ – Which set was she in? – She was always in a big house.

/ – In a drawing room.

– Right.

/ – She sat on a sofa of the big house and I sat inside a jail cell.

Oh, no.

– That's why you were in a different set.

/ – They.

– Goodness.

/ – cuffed me.

But I was young, so I uncuffed myself and said we should take it easy since it's a rehearsal and I had to eat too.

And a more experienced actor scolded me.

– You had to immerse in the situation.

/ – Right.

"Keep it on to immerse yourself in the situation.

" I said, "Of course.

" – Did you eat like that too? / – I did.

– Goodness.

/ – You had to immerse into the situation.

He said he'd feed me since I'm the criminal.

– I see.

/ – That happened.

– You had to do that.

/ – We were both actors – but we were different.

/ – It was different then.

Now, when you play a criminal, people know – that you're just acting.

/ – Right.

– People thought you were who you play.

/ – When you played a murderer, you were a murderer.

Gyein, I will treat you nicely from now on.

– Now.

/ – He's smiling.

– It's too late now.

/ – Right.

You are still beautiful, but you were exceptionally beautiful then.

I'm sure many men approached you.

Gyein hit on you as well, didn't he? My father scolded me if I came home later than five.

– You mean 5 p.


? / – 5 p.


? – That's very early.

/ – Especially in the summer.

– But the shoots must've finished late.

/ – Right.

– My parents didn't like my job.

/ – Right.

In the past, men used to follow pretty girls.

They used to follow girls from the bus station.

I was scolded whenever men followed me.

My parents said it was my fault for misleading them.

We wonder how beautiful she was back then.

We got her picture.

(She was beautiful.

) – Goodness.

/ – She should've gone home early.

– Gosh.

/ – I understand why her father was strict.

– It's black and white.

/ – I would've done the same.

– She played a young daughter.

/ – I was in college.

– I was the leading actress.

/ – You played a student.

– You were beautiful.

/ – She's still very beautiful.

We can guess how beautiful she must've been.

Didn't I change? – No.

/ – Of course you changed.

– You did change a bit.

/ – But.

(This is a variety show.

) You were playing a leading role, but you stopped acting only after three years.

Didn't you feel sad? No.

I didn't like that life.

Now I don't forget lines.

Since it's recorded, you can simply do it again.

But it wasn't like that back then.

– It was almost like a live show.

/ – Tape-recorded.

Let's say we were shooting a 20-minute drama.

And I did well in the first ten minutes.

If I made a mistake, we had to restart from the start.

– So if you do, you become a traitor.

/ – An enemy.

– You become everyone's enemy.

/ – It was a live show.

– Also when you're out of sync.

/ – Right.

If I was out of sync, the control room cut the shoot.

At the time, we communicated through a "Talk Bag".

The directors swore at us through it.

– They swore at us.

/ – They said vulgar words.

That was very tough to endure.

– And you moved to KBS.

/ – I moved to KBS, and did two six-month dramas.

Then I got married.

– You got married early.

/ – Yes, I got married.

We talked about Gyein and Jungsu's first impressions.

– Let's ask them now.

/ – Seyoung and Hyunwoo.

– How was it when you first met? / – Finally.

Seyoung was very quiet and she looked cold and arrogant at first.

She gives that impression.

Yet she said everything she wanted to say.

– So I was surprised.

/ – Were you intimidated? Yes.

– You thought she was tough.

/ – She had an aura.

– I didn't know what to do.

/ – What do you mean? Hyunwoo is conscious of what Seyoung thinks.

(She's right.

) Even while he's talking, instead of being confident, he keeps looking at Seyoung.

– He keeps looking for her confirmation.

/ – Yes.

You don't have to do that.

You don't become close just because you work together.

How did you two become close? We're always in the same scenes and I'm the one hitting on him in the drama, so I act all touchy and cute to him.

When I improvise and add a wink, it can be awkward for him, but he receives it well.

– I was really surprised at first.

/ – At what? I was surprised that she was so touchy.

Instead of saying her line, she touched my cheek.

– Did she improvise it? / – Yes.

– That's not easy to do.

/ – She held my arm and fed me.

When she feeds me, she feeds me a lot.

So I sometimes can't say my lines.

You could tell him what you're going to do.

– I never planned it.

/ – It might not be natural then.

When I acted, it felt too plain.

So I did what I thought my character would do.

I pinched his cheeks.

I thought the director would stop me if it was bad.

I wouldn't be surprised if she warns me ahead of time.

– Right.

/ – But your reaction was very natural.

– Right.

/ – Can you show us how you improvise? – What's the direction in the script? / – The script told me to say "Let's eat" and stare at him.

– And he would say "What's wrong with her?" / – Right.

But I improvised to stare at him and wink at him once.

(She winked.

) (And Hyunwoo acted as if he hated it.

) – It made the scene better.

/ – The acting was natural.

Hyeongyeong, you need affection to do this, right? It's tough to be touchy with another actor.

– It's not easy.

/ – The director might hate it.

That's one reason.

And you might get misunderstood.

– People might think you're actually close.

/ – Right.

They might think you actually like him.

– Don't the crew suspect you? / – Don't they? They don't care as long as the drama becomes a hit.

– That's what they want.

/ – She's a professional.

It's because she's been acting for 21 years.

They will find out the truth after the shoot, so I don't care about any misunderstandings.

– She's a professional.

/ – She is a professional.

– She is.

/ – Hyunwoo could've misunderstood you.

– Right.

/ – Maybe he thought you liked him.


Whenever the shoot was cut, she was very shy and she asked if I was okay.

So I didn't misunderstand her.

Are you the leader when you're in a relationship? You look like you are the type who leads.

I like being comfortable.

In most relationships, – the man leads the relationship.

/ – Right.

I think it's more interesting if I lead it.

– That's nice.

/ – That's nice.

– Men love women like her these days.

/ – Yes.

It's nice when the woman leads the relationship.

A lot of viewers suspected you two – and it was because of these scenes.

/ – Right.

– Let's check.

/ – Let's check.

They look lovely.

– They do.

/ – They look great together.

(He takes out a ring from the cotton candy.

) – He's proposing.

/ – It was sticky.

– That's nice.

/ – I'm going to tie you with this ring.

(Even they can't bear to watch it.

) I can't watch these scenes.

I can't handle watching them.

– They are kissing.

/ – They are kissing.

I can't watch these scenes.

(They are embarrassed.

) They kissed.

And there were fireworks.

It was so beautiful.

– Only Hyunwoo turned red.

/ – It was funny.

– Seyoung just did her job.

/ – She's a professional.

She's a professional.

Seyoung taught me how to kiss.

– How? / – That's not it.

Do you kiss differently when you're on cable? I didn't know the difference before she told me.

– How is a kiss different on cable? / – It's different.

– It's more aggressive.

/ – It's different.

On public TV, you can't move your lips while you kiss.

You have to simply put your lips together and adjust the angle.

– That's for public TV.

/ – That's for public TV.

You can move your lips on cable.

– That's fascinating.

/ – This is what I told him.

We are the youngest couple in the drama and we are the cute ones.

So I wanted our kiss to look innocent.

– I'm his first love in the drama.

/ – I asked her.

She's a kiss planner.

– Kiss planner.

/ – She is.

She's ignoring him again.

Aren't there rules of etiquette for a kiss scene? Your breath shouldn't smell bad.

Some people watch what they eat before the shoot.

– I brush my teeth.

/ – Some people get ready.

When the shoot drags on, your sugar level drops.

I really like chocolates, so I give him chocolates.

I give her chocolates too.

– Is that right? / – We eat chocolates together.

Do you taste the chocolate from each other? – Our mouths are closed, so we don't.

/ – That's crazy.

– And he doesn't breathe.

/ – "That's crazy.

" – I get short of breath.

/ – I thought it was very strange.

I couldn't feel his breath.

So I wondered if he was breathing.

He was shivering.

– You held your breath.

/ – He held his breath.

– Yes.

/ – For our first kiss scene, I had to confess my love and suddenly kiss him.

When he was kissed, he did this.

(He froze.

) – He didn't breathe.

/ – But the scene didn't end.

That's why I was shivering and ran out of breath.

(Let's check that moment.

) (Hyunwoo is getting out of breath.

) (He couldn't stand it anymore.

) (He almost died.

) Since we're talking about kiss, let's talk about when Euni and Jaeseok kissed.

– Really? / – Did you shoot a kiss scene? – We did in a play.

/ – We kissed a lot.

– That explains the rumor.

/ – It was during a play.

We played bride and groom in the opening – and the show began.

/ – Right.

We planned to kiss unexpectedly.

– Right.

/ – We kissed about 80 times in total.

– We did.

/ – Yes.

– Your lips touched.

/ – Right.

Among those 80 times of kissing, is there any time you remember? It was an unexpected kiss, so Jaeseok did this.

– He was supposed to freeze.

/ – Right.

when I kissed him unexpectedly.

About two times, Jaeseok got surprised and did this.

He did this twice.

– He was so surprised.

/ – Goodness.

The timing was wrong.

That was unintentional.

– We had to be in sync to kiss, / – Right.

but we weren't and he was left hanging.

– You had to be in sync.

/ – He was left hanging twice.

– We were out of sync.

/ – We did fine in other times.

Seyoung, you received the Rookie of the Year award – last year.

/ – Right.

The Rookie of the Year award goes to Kim Jiwon and Lee Seyoung.

– Congratulations.

/ – Congratulations.

By the way, did you really debut 21 years ago? It's been a really long time.

She used to be a child actress.

– I didn't know I was eligible.

/ – 21 years? – After 21 years? / – It turned out I was eligible as long as it's been less than five years since – I started working as an adult actress.

/ – I see.

Luckily, last year was the fifth year.

Was it your first award? In 2005, I received an award as a teen actress.

(Lee Seyoung, "Rain Shower") I did a short drama "Rain Shower" on KBS.

You were in it with Kwak Dongyeon, right? – No, that's a recent work.

/ – I am sorry.

– It was called "Rain Shower".

/ – You're addicted.

(She showed her sensitive acting) (and she won the award with it.

) Last year, you received the Best Couple Award too.

– Really? / – Right.

I remember Seyoung leading Hyunwoo to the stage.


We were reflecting our characters' personalities.

We try to act like our characters.

Seyoung must be the type who leads.

Well I.

In most relationships, – man leads.

/ – Right.

I thought it would be more interesting – if I led the relationship.

/ – That was our plan.

That award was the first award I got since the award I got for ranking third in making rubber powered ultra-glider in elementary school.

That was the first award since elementary school.

So I was really nervous going up the stage.

Hyunmoo was there.

– Right.

/ – I gave Seyoung the mic first.

I was thinking about what to say, but he skipped me.

You didn't get to talk.

(Hyunmoo skipped Hyunwoo.

) He looked too nervous.

So I thought interviewing him would be a bad idea.

How can you skip him when he was preparing for it? I feel sorry.

Can you say what you wanted to say that night? I wanted to say this.

In Pyo always told me this at the shoot.

"Hyunwoo, if you become successful," "you have to honor me.

" He used to tell me that.

– I was determined to say it.

/ – He mimicked Inpyo.

– He was good.

/ – He mimicked Inpyo.

– He is similar.

/ – Just a little bit.

– He can't do it if you ask him.

/ – I can't.

– He's good when he does it randomly.

/ – Right.

– Let's do something else.

/ – It has to be random.

– We will do something else.

/ – We won't ask.

What did you shoot on Thursday? Mr.

Shingu said.

(He will mimic Shingu.

) "Gokji, Mansool is here.

" You know his accent, right? – I know.

/ – "Mansool is here.

" – "Mansool is here.

" / – "Mansool is here.

" – Seyoung, / – I heard she's good.

I heard you can mimic people well.

– Try it.

/ – I'm not very good.

– Really? / – Please show us.

– I watched the drama "Pasta".

/ – Lee Seonkyun.

– Yes, I'll mimic him.

/ – He's a man, though.

– But you're a girl.

/ – He's very good at it.

Ready, action.

"Today's first order is one Spaghetti alle Vongole.

" – You can't cover your mouth.

/ – "Yes, chef.

" (Hyunwoo comes to Seyoung's rescue.

) – I did this.

/ – He was in it.

He starred in "Pasta".

– He was in it.

/ – What was that? – He helped her.

/ – Right.

– Right.

/ – Right.

"Move faster.

" ("Pasta" was born again.

) (with Seyoung's voice.

) "Today's first order" "is one Spaghetti alle Vongole.

" (Spaghetti alle Vongole) "Yes, Chef.

" (He looks exactly the same.

) (They move hastily.

) – "Move faster.

" / – "Yes, chef.

" – "Yes, chef.

" / – Did you script it? – We didn't.

/ – Now that Seyoung and Hyunwoo showed us their talents, Youngchul seems to want to show us something too.

I'll mimic Yeongja and Euni today.

That would be great.

You know that Euni suffers from rhinitis.

– He mimicked me for the first time here.

/ – Right.

The clip of Youngchul mimicking me is the most viewed clip of Happy Together in the history of Happy Together.

Liposuction is.


) (Yeong Ja explodes with anger.

) Euni makes this sound because of rhinitis.

(He snorts.

) (How is the legendary mimicry.

) (get upgraded?) "I'm suffering" "from rhinitis.

" (He snorts.

) (He's thick-faced.

) (Euni explodes with rage.

) Youngchul, can you mimic Choi Hwajung? "Hello, I am Choi Hwajung.

" Right? If it doesn't work, I say, "I didn't make that work.

" I can make it up with another mimicry.

– That's amazing.

/ – I can do anything.


She can mimic so well.

I usually do mimicry that hurts my throat.

I'll mimic Yoon Sinae.

(No, no) (She puts emphasis on the first notes.

) (Let's see how Euni mimics her.

) ♪ No, no ♪ ♪ You can't do that ♪ – She's really good.

/ – I don't know this song.

♪ It's an exam week ♪ ♪ You can't do that ♪ – Good job.

/ – I don't know this song.

She sings just like her.

She sings just like her.

I will mimic Lee Sunhee.

– She's good.

/ – Mimicking Sinae is better.

– What? / – ♪ No, no ♪ Please stop.

– Please stop.

/ – She's done with that one.

– She's mimicking Sunhee now.

/ – I'm done with that.

– She's done with that.

/ – Should I do it? Can you mimic Sunhee? Should I do it? (She will mimic Lee Sunhee this time.

) (Let's see.

) ♪ With twilight on my back ♪ – ♪ I sat ♪ / – She's just like her.

– ♪ On the riverside ♪ / – He's cracking up.

– ♪ He gave me a grass ring ♪ / – It's too funny.

♪ And whispered it to me ♪ (Everyone is amused.

) (That's it.

) Today,.