​Hi, Jordan, how are you? ​ ​I'm good.

How are you? ​ ​Good.

Thanks so muchfor chatting with me.

So I'll dive right in.

I know Kevin From Work is a new comedy.

It premiered in August on ABC Family, and the fall finale is Wednesday, the 7th, right? ​ ​Yes, this Wednesday.

​ ​Awesome.


​ ​So what can we expect – if you'reable to say anything – in this fall finale and are theremore episodes coming? ​ ​We have not been told one wayor another.

We hope, but you know.

​ ​Right.

​ ​They're waiting until this airs, maybe.

But we can expect– I was actuallysurprised they paired those episodes together because the last episode,it's very moving and shocking.

So I think a lot of people are goingto be really surprised by how the season ends.

​ ​I can't wait to find out.

So what drew you to thisproject, kind of looking backward, what was it aboutthis show in particular? ​ ​I just loved the comedy of it.

I loved the writing.

I thought it was really intelligent,and it spoke to people my age in a very intelligent kind of way.

My character was just– I couldn'tnot want to play that character.

It's so much fun.

​ ​You originally auditionedfor Audrey, right? ​ ​Yeah, I originally auditioned for Audrey.

It was one of those, Here I go,auditioning for the beautiful love interest, serial.

Just not me.

Halfway though the audition, the casting director wasjust like, You know, I think there's another partthat would suit you better.

So I just cold read it, and justimmediately connected with it.

​ ​That's awesome.

If you could describe Roxie in three words- I can think of some – how would you describe her? ​ ​I would say carefree.

She's spontaneous, and very fashionable.

​ ​Definitely.

And she's super sassy,but she for sure has this caring, nurturing part to her as well.

​ She means well, you know? ​ ​What? ​ ​I said that she means well, you know? ​ ​Yeah, and she wants to stick upfor her brother when she can.

There's more depth to her thanpeople might initially think, I would say.

​ ​I think so.

​ ​So the series is written, created,and produced by Barbie Adler, who is well-known for her work on How I Met Your Mother and Arrested Development.

What's itlike working with her? ​ ​She's incredible and the really neat thing about her is that she lets us all have such a voicein these characters.

From the same day we auditioned for it, she just knew immediately that we were the right ones for thecharacters and has written some of us into them, but I meannothing beats her writing.

I'm just a fan of hers to begin with- those are like two of my favorite shows, How I Met Your Mother andArrested Development – so I think that's what drew me tothe writing as well.

But she's hands on, she's always on set.

We really couldn't ask fora better show runner.

​ ​That's so great to hear.

So you do have a bit of a role, if needed, in the say of yourcharacter development? ​ ​Yeah, I think that they really takewhat we suggest and what we have.

A lot of the things that end upin the final cut are improv which is great because there's not a lotof shows that are willing to let their actors do that.

​ ​That's awesome.

I don't hear about that much.

​ ​She recognized that it was very crucial to our characters and our relationships.

I don't know, it worked.

​ ​That's so rad.

So I know you have experienceacting in a variety of genres.

Do you have a preference? Or are you kind of justup for anything? ​ ​I'm usually up for anything, but rightnow I'm really enjoying comedy.

I've just reached this point in mylife where everything is too serious and it's the one thingthat makes me happy.

  ​ ​That's awesome, so it's somethingthat you have more fun with nowadays.

And I read that you lovewriting screenplays.

Are those just for fun or do youhave plans to pursue those? ​ ​I just really finished theone that I'd want to make.

Well, there's two actually.

I wrote one with my mom,which is more of a comedy.

And then I wrote a drama thatI really had to push to make.

But it's been hard.

Sincewe've been filming so much, I haven't had a lot of time tofocus on that sort of thing.

But I think now in our off time,I might take that time and see what I can do.

​ ​Of course.

 That's so cool that you can kind of explore all these different facets of the industry.

That's awesome.

​ ​Yeah, why not? That'swhat it's there for.

​ ​I am sorry, what? ​ ​I said, That's whatit's there for.

​Yeah, for sure.

I also read that you often contemplategetting your next tattoo.

So, wondering what's your favoritetattoo that you already have.

​​ ​I have a bull skull onmy forearm that I got.

I filmed this alien movie in – it hasn't come out yet – New Mexico, Arizona.

And I'm originally from El Paso, Texas and I was just reminded so much of home that I was drawn to getting this tattoo, so it's one my my more recent but it'sdefinitely, probably my favorite one.

​ ​Cool.


I read that you're from Texas.

So you get to make it back home quite a bit or.

? ​ ​I just got back fromthere yesterday actually.

​ ​Oh, nice.

​ ​I go as often as I can.

Like I said, my schedule'sbeen kind of crazy lately, but whatever time I have I love to go with my family and visit everyone.

I lived in Dallas/Fort Worthfor a bit so I get the Texas appeal.

​ ​Oh, did you? -​Very cool.

​ ​Yeah.

​ ​If you could star on any showor be a repeat role on any show, what would it be? And you can choose a coupleif it's hard to pick.

​ ​Okay.

Could it be ashow that's off-air? ​ ​It could be anything, on-air.


​ ​Okay, let me think.

All my favorite shows ended.

​How about this.

What's your favorite, acouple favorite shows, that you love to binge watch, if you have time ever? ​Breaking Bad wasobviously one of the top.

How I Met Your Mother, I went throughprobably three times.

There's so many great shows.

That's what I love right now, TV's kind of taken over.

Mad Men, Breaking Bad, all those shows havemore of a cinema feel.


And you hinted at this a little bit, but you have a couple projects coming up- I think in post-production, is that right? ​ ​Yeah.

​ ​I'm sure you can't say a ton, butwhat can you share with us about those, or when can weexpect them or.

? ​ ​The couple that I'm really excited about, they're in editing because theyhave a ton of special effects, one of which being a movie calledHigher Power that I filmed probably two years ago.

But it's a really incredible movie and I just so badly want it to come out.

It's a littlesupernatural phenomenon film.

And then, False Memory Syndrome is the one that Ijust filmed which is an alien movie that also has a ton of special effects which I think will probably behappening sooner than later.

​ ​Awesome.

So we should keep– ​ ​We'll see.

​ ​We'll look for those.

And finally, where can yourfans find you on social media? What are your handles forthe different channels? ​ ​Jordan Danger on Twitter.

On Instagram, I'm Jordan Danger.

​ ​Perfect.

Well, thanks Jordan, so much.

We appreciate it and we'relooking forward to tomorrow, and all the best.

​ ​Thank you so much, good to meet you.

​ ​Have a great evening.