Please, tell usyou did it again.

We need something terrific.

We are desperate.

Well, I have something amazing.

Great! What is it? I like to call it.

"Cable TV.

" "If cable TV was invented today".

– Get it?- What is cable TV? Well, you know, people watchthe basic channels on TV or through internet using YouTube,Netflix and all that.

– Uh-huh.

– Yes, uh-huh.

With cable TV, they have TV, but with more channels.

Is that it? Picture it.

24 hours of showsthat are normally shown when you're sleepingor when you're at work.

Wait a second.

You can't watch the showswhen you want to watch them? Not the first 30 years.

– Mm.

– See? Great.

All right, how much is it? $7.

99, $8.

99? It'll cost $100 a month at least.

And it'll be a little more if you want special channelslike HBO.

Why is HBO special? Because it's not TV.

It's HBO.

What does that mean? Nobody knows.

But if the price is an issue, we'll give you a discountif you get a landline for your house.

What does cable TV have to dowith a landline? Nothing, but since we alreadyhave enough staff.

Do they have to go to the housesand install cable TV? It's cable, hence the word.

They have to install a cablearound your whole house.

It takes all day, some random dudewill be in your home, and it is unavoidable.

– Wow!- Sounds terrible.

Our customer service techniciansare trained to ignore any complaint.

Sorry, Hamilton,but this cable TV doesn't seem like a good idea.

There is no reason to paythat much for something you can watch online whenever you want.


Wait, wait, wait.

What if I told youthat there is a channel that plays Christmas musicall year round? He said all year.

They should charge less.

– It's a great idea.

– Yes! It's a great idea, isn't it? Yes, very good.

Jingle bells, jingle bells Go for it.