With the increasing demands of IPTV and live streaming, AVerMedia would like to introduce you the most cost-effectiveTV and video streaming solution the AVerCaster Combo, which is designed for small and middle-sized enterprises With the multicast function AVerCaster Combo can distribute high-definition digital TV analog TV and various video contents to an unlimited number of users over the same network simultaneously And it supports various kinds of client devices such as computer IP-STB kiosk digital signage and hospital infotainment devices Before the installation let's take a look of the product first AVerCaster Combo is a light-weighted streaming device with small form factor In the front we have blue light green light 1 and 2 Blue one lights up when the power is on Green 1 lights up for analog signals distribution, while Green 2 for digital signal distribution In the back it has input and output for digital TV analog TV S-Video Composite and LAN port power connector and power switch OK, now let's start to connect the devices First, plug in the power cable and the content source such as DVB-T cable to digital TV inputs Then, connect the AVerCaster Combo and your router with LAN cable At last connect your PC and router with another LAN cable It・s the same way for the connection of client devices Then the whole connection is finished You can do the same way for analog TV and other video contents Next let's see how to broadcast your contents You need to finish the installation of the AVerCaster Combo Manager tool first After that open the AVerCaster Manager Next click the product image or the IP address on its hyperlink the AVerCaster Combo Management Web UI will be opened on your web browser on the UI page you need to log in your account The default account is admin and the password is 123 After login, there will be 4 tabs with different functions The first page shows basic information Turner 1 is for the configuration of analog signals and Turner 2 for digital signals The configuration page is for account management and location setting If you want to stream digital TVcontent please go to Turner 2 page Clicks SCAN indirectly to capture the channels available to stream Please make sure the correct countrysetting before scan then choose the programs and broadcasting type You can choose UDP or RTP multicast according to your system Then, please fill in IP address and port at last tick ENABLE and click APPLY then the streaming will start if you want to stream analog contentsincluding analog TV media player video from camcorder etc.

please go to Turner 1 page The procedure is basically the same Choose your source first For analog TV please select the type and click SCAN to capture the available channels then choose the programs and broadcasting type For composite or S-video signals you can choose PAL or NTSC Then, fill in IP address and port We offer the video and audio bitrate selection so you can choose the suitable file size according to your bandwidth and demands At last Tick ENABLE and the click APPLY then the streaming will start It's very easy to watch the broadcastedcontent First, open the VLC program on your client device click MEDIA go to OPEN NETWORK STREAM Type the correct IP address and port click PLAY then the show starts This is the whole operation of the AVerCaster Combo the quickest solution to stream live TV and video contents to unlimited number of users with lowest total cost Thanks for your watching.