hey whats up youtube this is your boy MK Tech and today I'm showing you how to install one of kodi best add-ons that's navi-x never agreed on for a long time gone it's lost its while all the years compared to like I films and other others come on gun now basically one of the bestest from live stream latest movies currently in cinemas literally all the links i want to say they one hundred percent certain to always work i can guarantee you separate on a timely group will be working and it'd be good causes or tues let's give a damn mop navi-x so me personally went up when i first opened up you got always go to start right we'll show you the latest off most reading a lot of 24 hours is right i was going a dish because that would guarantee to get a good link as well so you go on cantonese to the models movies content updated um Larry such TV blu-ray movies um family Christmas 1080p movies there's like sports HP as well it's james bowden remodeler cheesy able to you a lot of a guy star wars x-ray in being able to use its kinda stuffy guys let's show you how to install all this stuff let's react audience navi-x Chris come on of it the first of many kidding is on other source first we're going to do is go assist in and go to a file manager and we understood the facilities fusion so I was the copy well got here HTTP colon force that's feeding the few add-ons AG and then great name as well right on it I always was going for the name it creates top of the list then press ok press ok and then back up I'm under the system and with add-ons and then we're going to go through rock up again we go to a school from grocery right here press that other one with um TV adorns but AG right we're not the program i don't i will look for neviutz network is right here my ones already installed or very near cases click on it I think Rick of my wasted in monetizing your illness a8 expose their cooking tool right guys and he told it Ryan I one stealing school you can go back you can back up now go back to home screen press home good program another gate should I pay right here she works okay right that's it guys you got nerve a consoling me system now so if in case you kodi don't work in case um exit is not work you know any of y'all all right exercise freemake inverse of the number clicking know a couple hours off w to back you up you watch your large force and so on anyway anyway guys thanks for watching please thumbs up share and subscribe and stay peaceful new country and if you figure I'm any questions please comment and if you want the one particular video please write down description of your activities and a foot on us the link both wings to be done description from this we here.