The DirecTV satellite tv for pc fleet is a groupof communications satellites positioned at varied geostationary orbits for theDirecTV satellite tv for pc tv service and HughesNet web service.

Satellite tv for pcs and their orbits Defunct satellites are highlighted ingold.

*Default type columnA DirecTV-2 having reached the tip of its helpful life span, on April 16, 2007,the FCC granted DirecTV's request to conduct operations to maneuver the satelliteout to a disposal orbit and it was subsequently faraway from service in Might2007.

B DirecTV-Three was faraway from service inOct 2002 and despatched to a storage orbit as an on-orbit backup.

It returned toservice in 2003 having been leased to Telesat, which used the satellite tv for pc asbackup for its troubled Nimiq-2 at 82 levels West underneath the designationNimiq-2i.

In 2004 the satellite tv for pc was moved to again up Nimiq-1 and is nowoperated underneath the identify Nimiq-Three.

C DirecTV-6 went out of service August15, 2006 and despatched to a graveyard orbit having suffered harm from a solarflare in April 1997 in addition to different photo voltaic array and energy fluctuationproblems.

D DirecTV-1R having reached the tip ofits helpful lifespan, was faraway from service in 2014.

From 2012 to 2014, itwas leased to the Russian Satellite tv for pc Communications Firm and was locatedat 55.

eight levels East as a stopgap complement to the RSCC's getting older Bonum 1satellite as a consequence of delays of the RSCC's Specific-AT1 satellite tv for pc.

Specific-AT1entered service on March 15, 2014, and each Bonum 1 and DirecTV-1R have sincebeen deorbited.

E Galaxy 3C is operated by Intelsat.

DirecTV leases non-DBS FSS transponders for worldwide programming underneath theauspices of the DirecTV World Direct package deal.

F DirecTV-9S is an in-orbit spare for DirecTV-4S, and doesn’t presentlybroadcast any channels.

Particulars of satellite tv for pc fleet= DirecTV-1R= DirecTV-1R was launched in 1999.

It wasthe first satellite tv for pc used to broadcast native channels for DirecTV in majorDMAs, and was positioned at 101.

2° W when it first entered service.

In 2004,when DirecTV accomplished transferring all native channels in main DMAs to DirecTV-4S,DirecTV-1R was repositioned to 72.

5° W to supply native channels for smallerDMAs not served by satellites within the 101° W, 110° W, or 119° W positions.

From 2004 to 2011 in these smaller DMAs, a separate dish was required to obtainlocal channels.

In early 2012, DirecTV-1R was briefly repositioned to109.

eight° W as a spare for DirecTV-5, nonetheless, in mid-2012, it was announcedthat DirecTV-1R can be leased to the Russian Satellite tv for pc CommunicationsCompany, and was repositioned to its present location at 55.

eight° E in late 2012as a stopgap complement to the RSCC's getting older Bonum 1 satellite tv for pc as a consequence of delays ofthe RSCC's Specific-AT1 satellite tv for pc.

Specific-AT1 was launched on March 15,2014 and each DirecTV-1R and Bonum 1 have since been deorbited.

= Galaxy 3C= Galaxy 3C is a geostationarycommunications satellite tv for pc positioned at 95° W.

It was launched on June 15, 2002,with a Sea Launch automobile, and is at present lively on the C and Ku bands,with 24 transponders for every.

Owned by Intelsat, a few of the satellite tv for pc's usersinclude DirecTV's Brazil and Latin America techniques, the Racetrack TVCommunity DBS service, and HughesNet.

Ceremony-Help, TJ Maxx, and Chevron useGalaxy 3C as a VSAT platform.

= Spaceway 1 & Spaceway 2=The SPACEWAY satellites had been initially designed to be used by Hughes Electronics.

The satellites had been re-purposed for DirecTV after Information Company purchaseda controlling curiosity in Hughes.

= DirecTV-10, DirecTV-11, andDirecTV-12= DirecTV satellites 10, 11, and 12 areBoeing mannequin 702 satellites designed to ship excessive definition tv tothe continental United States, Hawaii, and Alaska.

DirecTV efficiently launched DirecTV-12, on December 28, 2009.

Itbecame absolutely operational on Might 19, 2010.

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