– I have cut cable TV out of my life and out of my family's life.

Be gone.

No longer are we paying toomuch money to the cable company for something that wereally weren't watching to its full potential anyway.

So I'm gonna tell you thethree things we've had to do to get all of this done.

That is hardware.

Second thing is services.

These things are very closely related.

Finally, I'm gonna tell you if we actually saved any money doing this and has it been worth it.

So hang on, strap in.

Here we go, I'm gonna tell you all about cutting out cable from my life.

(upbeat music) So there are a million different ways to cut cable TV out of yourlife with hardware, right? You've got set-top boxes.

Out here in the living room, I'm actually using a LeEco X65 TV that they sent me to try out and it has Android TV bakedinto it and I love it.

It's so good.

And it's even better when it'sactually baked into the TV because now I don't really have to worry about changing boxes and what's where.

I just go down through the menu and I can go to theover-the-air antenna channels.

I can go back to any ofthe services I'm using, YouTube, whatever and it's alljust there in one interface and that also means I have onefewer set-top box plugged in out here amongst all myother junk in the living room so it's super super simple.

Change things up a little bit and I'm using an Apple TV in the bedroom.

My wife uses Apple stuff mostly.

I use Android stuff mostly so we both get to usewhat we want to here.

Apple TV is really good.

I really like their user interface a lot.

I love the screensavers.

They're beautiful.

Just these aerial shots are stunning but the one thing I can'tstand about Apple TV though is the remote and thisis not a new phenomenon.

It's been pretty bad for a long while now.

Get rid of it, I'm using aLogitech Harmony remote system that also controls Philips Huelights so it's really cool.

It kinda kills two birdswith one stone there.

So Apple TV in the bedroom.

Android TV built-in to the X65out here in the living room.

So if you want somethingthat's just really good for most people and you don'tcare about it being Android or Apple or whatever, get a Roku Ultra.

Roku is really the bestbox for most people and it does almost everything.

It'll do Google content.

It'll do Amazon content.

One thing it won't do is Apple content but it pretty much coversall your other bases.

Hulu, Netflix, YouTube.

You can cast to it throughChromecast if you want, PlayStation, Sling, all sorts of things even a whole bunch I haven'teven gotten to use yet all baked into the Roku.

So if you want yourbest bang for your buck, that's absolutely the way I would go.

One final piece of hardwarethat's worth spending 30, $40 on is an over-the-air antennas.

I went with TheWirecutter's recommendation.

I've got a nice littleone up in my window there so you can get 'em for the interior.

You can get 'em that go outon your roof which is better.

Higher and outside is always better but this one's workedpretty well for me indoors and it was really simple.

It just sticks to the window and that will pretty much cover the gamut when it comes to hardware.

So I've got my streaming hardware.

I've got my over-the-air hardware.

Now, let's go talk services.

Whole bunch of new stuff out there.

Sling, PlayStation Vue,the new YouTube Live which is gonna be really interesting.

I'm definitely gonna checkthat you when it comes out.

But ultimately we settledon PlayStation Vue.

It had the right bundlesof channels that we wanted.

I think I'm paying $65 a month for it and yes, you still haveto deal with bundles.

That hasn't changed.

So PlayStation Vue.

It's got a menu.

It's got guides and you can see what's on.

This is live TV.

You don't miss out on that and just kinda flipthrough like I always did.

That hasn't really changed.

Streaming quality isgenerally pretty good.

Even on different kinds of hardware, I occasionally have thingslag on me a little bit.

That's not necessarilythe hardware, right? It's not even necessarilymy internet speed.

It can just be the stream itself.

There are a lot of variables there.

It also has recording,sort of a DVR service so you can favorite a show andthen record at your leisure and watch whenever you want to but generally speaking, it'salmost as good as cable TV and certainly for theamount of money I'm saving.

So has any of this been worth it? Yes, we went into this exercise knowing that we were doingit to try to save money so we did our homework andwe've been keeping track and said, alright, here's how much we were paying for cable before.

Here's how much we're paying now.

My cable TV bill was about $152 a month.

That's not including internet where I am and now we're paying anextra 65 for PlayStation Vue for about a $91 total ofall our streaming services so we're absolutely saving money and when you remember that we're no longer paying feesand rental costs on cable boxes which was just horrible, it's really brought everything down a bit and we're saving about 800 or $900 a year.

Now, to me, that's worth it.

Is it as easy as cable TV? No, it's not.

Instead of just one box,you have to remember where everything is.

The remotes aren't as goodbut I'm saving a lot of money and I'm not really watching any less.

That's the cool part.

I figured it would be such a pain that I just wouldn't wanna do it anymore but it really hasn't been that bad and it hasn't been that badfor my wife and kids too.

It's one thing for meto deal with this stuff.

My brain works that way.

Is it as easy as cable TV? No, it's pretty easythough and mostly as good and especially when you consider that I'm saving $900 a year now, that really started to add up and for us, it made total sense.

So to recap, in the living room, I have an Android TV that'sbuilt-in to this LeEco TV but what you're probably gonnawanna do is get a Shield TV.

That's the only Android TVbox you need to consider but I've also got an Xbox OneS out there, a Sonos Play 5.

I'm using LogitechHarmony Pro for my remote.

I've got an Nintendo Switchout there just because, Philips Hue and I've got a VIZIO sound bar that everything is running into.

So in the bedroom, I'm using an Apple TV just on an older Samsung TV that I've got.

A Sonos Play 3 is back there.

I'm using a LogitechHarmony Companion remote and we've got Philips Hue.

That's how we're cutting the cord.

There are a milliondifferent ways to do it.

If you've got something I need to try out, let me know down in the comments.

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That's it.

Thank you for coming to Modern Dad.

We'll see you later.

(upbeat music).