It seems just about every television networkhas their own app.

CBS has a free app to watch shows on its network.

ESPN has a free appto watch its sports programming.

But are these apps really as free as they sound?Hi, I'm Mr.

Noobie and today I'm going to answer the question, can you replace cableTV with free network apps? When it comes to free network apps, thinkof it as "free to install".

In other words, it doesn't cost you anything to download andinstall the app.

Once you get inside the app, however, it'soften a different story.

Some television network apps will offer alimited selection of their television programming free to watch in the app, but they'll makeyou pay a subscription fee to watch their full selection of programming.

In a sense,the app is nothing more than a free trial to the network's paid subscription service.

Other television network apps are only complementary to a paid subscription to their network throughyour cable or satellite provider.

So when you open the app to watch television programming,you'll first be asked to provide your login credentials to your cable or satellite company.

If the app determines that you don't pay for the network through a TV provider, it won'tallow you to watch any programming through the app.

In other words, in order to watch all of ESPN's programming in the WatchESPN app, you'll firstneed to be a paid subscriber with a cable or satellite company to a package that includesthe ESPN channels.

In the end, if your goal is to complementyour existing cable programming with these network apps, you'll probably be happy.

Butif your goal is to replace your cable television with these network apps, you're going to besorely disappointed.

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