Hello everybody! This assumption came from China in 22 days and it costs $ 1.


This HDMI cable with gold-plated contacts.

I ordered this cable to connect HD TV with a laptop, but it can also be used between the PC, Xbox, HD Player, PlayStation 4, etc.

Cord 1,5metra long and seemingly fine quality.

Special adapters, so that the cable is not I am broken.

HDMI plugs for the contacts.

Cable good seller and thank you so much.

In Russia, the price It will be about 500 rubles.

Soychas I check it and tell You about his performance.

I checked the cable and it works and it works well, the image is transferred to high definition.

I tried it between TV Smart Samsung 3D and a laptop.

more from I have a home cinema, but on it I have not tried it, although I'm sure, and with him no problem.

That's all.

Thank you.

Bye Bye.

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Link to the product under the video.

Until we meet again.